ULTRA-ACT Ultraman Belial Review

Every Heroes has a Nemesis and in recent year Ultraman series had a nemesis similar to their own kind (What take them so long to create one so cool?). Meet Ultraman Belial  ウルトラマンベリアル.

Belial first appear in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie. I decided to pick up Belial for an obvious reason... Evil Ultraman which is first of it's kind. Time to open the Toy!

Belial comes with a reasonable accessories including claws, double end mace-like-weapon and some special effect of the weapon.

Belial remind me very much of Darth Maul in terms of body color which is tattoos looking. While the body shape remind me Evangelion Type 01.

Just look at the texture of his skin. Really loving it.

Belial head has the ability to move up and down.

and hr can have an open mouth to show his vicious teeth as if he was doing an evil smile.

* Mugshot of Belial for his passport. :P

Like all Ultraman, he too has a "color timer" which doesn't affect much of his movement since he is not on earth.

This Ultraman is armed with his faithful weapon, Giga Battlenizer. It may appear to be short like a single hand weapon.

but it can extend to a double hand weapon at will. Isn't that cool? *Clarification, the toy cannot be extended but it give both short and long handle for you to change.

Again I see a another similarity with Darth Maul in Starwars.

If that is not cool enough for you, this toy comes with some of the special effect of his weapon Giga Battlenize. Here's Belial Shot!

and Belial Death Scythe. Look lethal ha? Ultraman better watch out!

Although his weapon is cool, personally I like his claw which look more wicked to rip his enemies (Ultraman) into pieces.

At the end of the movie, Belial was defeated but he will return as the dark emperor in the coming movie with a wicked scar on his face. That version of Ultra-Act Kaizer Berial will be out at the end January 2011.

Wait.. I think Belial spotted something...

Who can it be? To be continue?


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