Transformers United Release

There seems to be a good revival for Takara Tomy Transformers line. The coming Transformers United is truly giving the fans what they want and not just repaint.

For Decepticon, Soundwave retain much of his G1design in robot mode but he turned out to be a vehicle with wheels! However the design of the vehicle look good. As for Lugnut, it has much resemblance of Transformers Animated and the difference is, this version look better. :)

This series has more Autobot figures than Decepticon in general.

Wreck-Gar was more G1 looking than the Animated series which is a good choice. Blur retaining his signature color. However, he is more like a repaint of Drift in the same series...

Preceptor transformed himself to a vehicle with track wheels on the back wheels rather than a science instrument. As for Grapple, it is like Blur as a repaint.

On the whole, this new series line will give old and new collector another good reason to buy. Watch out for it!


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