This is a Wonder Woman!

I read at Toy Haven yesterday on DC Comics Bishoujo Collection Wonder Woman Bishoujo Statue and I was instantly love struck!

I have always wanted a Wonder woman in my toy collection but never did I come across one good looking and an affordable one. It's not that I am saying I can have the budget to get this but it look so awesome!

* Oh Diana! 

This Wonder Woman is a high-quality pvc plastic and 1/7 scale! It is done for the celebration this year’s 75th Anniversary of DC Comics.

* Thrills I get when you hold me close, Oh, my darling, you're the most

I just love her Anime looks especially her soft gentle eye.

* I love you but do you love me, Oh, Diana, can't you see

Not to mention the curve of the body...

* I love you with all my heart

On both side.

* And I hope we will never part...

The logo look good on her chest with an armor feel. Oh Diana!

* Oh, please stay with me, Diana!

Beside the figure, I love the detail of the accessories of the Amazonian base with her Spears, shinny Shield, cape, and a spartan/Roman looking Helmet!

* Credit all images from

The price of the statue would be around USD $59.99 which is available in MAY 2011.

This really is such a Wonder Woman, don't you agree?

PS: if you are wondering what those Diana I love you stuff it was part of the lyrics of an old oldies "Diana". Why I put that song in? Yes it has to do with Wonder Woman. Go figure. :)


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