SlamDunk Spirit Collection of Inoue Takehiko Vol.1: Sakuragi

Although Inoue Takehiko's SlamDunk Manga and the Anime were popular, not much figurine were made. It is good to know after a long time, a figure of Hanamichi Sakuragi, the main lead of SlamDunk will be coming soon!

This 25cm tall Sakuragi figure was produced under TK Holdings Spirit Collection of Inoue Takehiko Vol.1: Sakuragi which will be schedule to release on Dec 2010 about 6600 Yen.

The figurine capture the expression of Sakuragi and come with good toning of the skin. Giving a 3D feel. This version of Hanamichi Sakuragi with his jersey number 10 was toward the end of SlamDunk.

Personally I prefer Sakuragi with this hair cut. More sport-man looking than a Bully or Punk. What about you?

The only thing I have for SlamDunk are the Trading cards in my collections. :P


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