Retro-Action DC Super Heroes in Singapore!

Maybe this maybe old news to some but I happened to see these finally on sale in Singapore retail! It's Retro-Action DC Super Heroes from Mattel!

*Batman the vintage style in packaging too!

I remember one of my cousin having a Superman of this scale in my childhood. The costume were made of real cloth and can do quite a number of decent pose.

In this series, it is for DC 75 Comic edition with Two-face, Batman, Aquaman and Black Manta. Personally I dig for Batman.

The pricing for these figurine was tagged at SGD $34.90 on retail. I guess many will keep these Mint in Card. Talking about card, there are some holes at the bottom of the clear plastic card for ventilation I guess. If you are into vintage design, this figures should be your must have in your list.


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