Kotobukiya D-Style Ingram 1 Review

As I read about Kotobukiya D-Style SD Ingram Unit 2 news, it reminded me that I still have a Ingram 1 SD kit that I have yet to assemble. Since it is an easy kit, I decided to do it up as fast as I could before I forgot again. LOL

It is no laughing matter as I clunked this box at a corner of my shelves and I totally forgotten about it since the box was quite compact. You know the out-of-sight out-of-mind thingy? :P

There are 3 reasons why I decided to get this kit. First of all, I love the cute SD Patlabor Ingram design.

Secondly the price for this model kit was affordable.

Finally the pull factor for Kotobukiya, Pre-colored parts and decal added for you. Here are some photos for me to prove my point.

Evident 1: Parts Pre-painted!

Evident 2: Decal pre-printed on parts even on runners.

Evident 3: As you can see from the runners, only some parts are colored. I wonder how they did that...

Putting the parts is easy. Take a look at the shoulder.

Here's how the head was being put together....

The complete part of the head.

What was remaining was a touch-up paneling to make some of the part more stand out.

I did some paneling on the head also. Now it is more outstanding...:P

Less than an hour, the kit was completed with minimal touch up.

A close up on both side of the head.

If you wonder how big is this D-style Ingram 1, here's a comparison with my BB Gundam Zhao Yun from Sangokuden series. Kinda same height. :P

In the Manga or Anime of Patlabor, Ingram 1 comes with a baton.

The baton was hidden in the back of his shield...

How can a Police Mobile unit not have a gun? So this one comes with a revolver.

Better than nothing. With this gun, Ingram 1 can at least do some damage now.

Hey! Why are you naming another Anime Ingram 1?

Overall this kit met my expectations for it's cuteness, simple and easy to put together without much painting or coloring. A good kit for it's price too. Now wait for Unit 2 to release on February 2011. XD


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