Hasbro Ironman Mark 01 Review, the Beginning

If you have watched the Ironman movie, you will know that Tony started to make his first Ironman suit to free himself from his kidnappers. That suit was called Mark 01.

I have a Mark 01 toy from the first movie series from Hasbro for sometime.

So it is a good time to Open the Toy!

If you have watched the movie, Tony actually made the whole suit in a cave with the limited amount of materials. So that is why it look bulky and rough as a armor suit.

The suit has some pulley system to help him to lift the weight of the suit during movements.

Due to the limited resources of recycle material, some of the parts were not identical.

Okay maybe design is not a big deal but how about articulation? The figure already have limitation of the bending of elbows.

The knees and ankles movement that would not work in the favor with the weight of the suit too.

One thing that the figure dies well is the raising his hands. Very handy for surrendering to the enemies if something went wrong. Nice back up plan isn't it? LOL

Of course Tony did not place all his bet on the readability of the armor for bullet proofing. I do not know if the armor in the first place crafted by hands are fully bullet proof but it sure take the enemies by surprise.

But surprises can only do that much. Tony made some offensive weapon to buy himself some time too. What better weapon to have than a,flame thrower in a cave environment?

Tony escaped and felt that there are more things he can add on to the concept of a Ironman suit.

So once he head back to his factory, he started to design Mark 2. A sleeker design with some of the high tech weapons and systems.

Sadly Tony's old suit design was discover by the enemies and the design became the main reference for Iron Monger.

Was Iron Monger a threat to Ironman in the movie? Hardly, Tony new suit was better in design and corrected many flaws from his Mark 1 design. Maybe that's the main reason why Iron Monger is defeated. They can't think a few steps ahead of Tony.

Nevertheless, I still like Mark 1 design as it look more realist and have a down to earth feel. Don't you agree?


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