Ichigo Half face Hollow or Vizard Mask from Bleach

There are number of things I love about Bleach and the Hollow mask was one of them. If I would pick the best looking hollow mask, it got to be Ichigo's. For Ichigo's hollow mask, there were a half face and a full face version. Personally I love them both but I only came across the half face Hollow mask and here it is.

I came across this mask online and since it was affordable, I decide to buy it off.
It was affordable due to the thin plastic mold, coloring and some string to put it on.

When it arrived, I was rather disappointed that they expose the rivet and it doesn't fit on me nicely.They could easily painted the rivet white.

Secondly, it very hard to get the mask in place.

Finally this mask only available in one size and it is wat too big for me since I have a small face.

See, I have to use a hand to get it in place.

I have to say these mask are good for Halloween tho. LOL. Happy Halloween.


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