HG GPB-X80 Beginning Gundam & RX-93-ν-2 Hi-ν Gundam

If you have catch GUN-PLA BUILDERS BEGINNING G, Beginning Gundam and Hi-v will not be foreign to you. So how does the actual model kit look like in real life?

Here a simple review on the model kit of Beginning Gundam. The design on the whole to me are more roundish retaining the signature colors of a Gundam (RX-78-2)

Beginning Gundam design is unique as the inner frame are very well hidden. Just look at the legs and arms joints and you will notice the near to zero gaps.

That's save up a lot for panel lining on one hand. See how well there were hidden?

Personally, the shield of Beginning Gundam is interesting to me. Firstly was the shape and secondly the color which is quite medieval looking. At the back of the shield, there were 3 hidden saber darts.

I called it Saber darts as it can use as middle range by throwing and short range as claw looking saber. This Gundam comes with a short blaster pistol also but I find the claw looking more interesting. :)

Another thing that interest me was the gap on his shoulders. Originally I though it was design to allow the raising of hands upward...

but it did not work out that way. The hands only can be lifted to 90 degrees like most Gundam Model kit. So I wonder what is that for... Anyone can answer that question?

Next up the nemesis, a repainted RX-93-ν-2 Hi-ν Gundam.This repainted version which in the story was repainted by the owner to this version. It is darker looking as the previous version was close to Beginning Gundam color scheme, light blue and white.

If you are a owner of Hi-v Gundam previously, this version have no difference. If you have missed the previous version, maybe you can consider this version. The two ejectable propellant tanks which can increase greatly it's speed.

First off, the ν Hyper Bazooka for long range attack.

For closer range, Hi-v has two beam sabers well hidden at the back of his wings compartment. I love this personally.

As for mid and long range, Hi-v have additional help with his fin funnels. For this HG model kit, only the top one of both side fin can be transformed to Fin funnels

the two fin funnels...

In term of offensive weapons, Hi-v has more features than Beginning Gundam. Therefore during the actual face off, do you think Hi-V can lose out to Beginning Gundam which we know nothing much about?

Anyway let's have some re enactment of the episode...

As lame as it can be, it is still entertaining. Beginning Gundam managed to win Hi-V. guess it has to do with pilot. Ya... tell me about it since a newbie can win an experience gamer pilot. Apparently it has to do with the mysterious Beginning Gundam mobile suit... We can only know when the story continue.


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