Gundam Unicorn 2 Screening & Preview

I really had a good time today for Gundam Unicorn episode 2 screening in Singapore.I am still thinking am I dreaming of what happened today. I was all excited to wake up this morning to continue where I left off in Gundam Unicorn. Being the second time, I kinda know what to expect but the experience just get better.

This time round the fans are more hyped up. I was there 45 minutes before the screening but there were already many who are earlier than me.The ticket collection was organized and speedy.

We were given a original booklet of Gundam Unicorn booklet and a survey form which will be used as lucky draw later. Yes there was a Lucky draw after the show! It was a pleasant surprise and a welcome one. Here are the prizes which include 5 x HGUC, 1 x MG Sinanja, 2x  Gundam Unicorn episode 2 Bluray discs plus poster and a limited Edition HGUC Unicorn Gundam Destroy mode.

Everyone was excited waiting for the show to begin.

This episode has a good pace picking up where it left off and alas the characters are more properly developed with the appearance of Char...or so he said he is a vessel without acknowledging it or denying. However he pilot well and the face-off with Sinanju and Unicorn was quite an exciting one. I was so engrossed with the story and before I know it, it was over.

Shortly after the credit row, the lucky draw commence and many walk away with those great prizes

My friend zh3us who got himself the Bluray of Gundam Unicorn episode 2. Lucky fella.

From the responses gather from the ground, it seems that this time round of Gundam Unicorn screening was better than the last time and some even commented it is better than the Gundam 00 movie in Singapore. Then again the Gundam 00 was not done by the same group of organizers.

Things get way better when we head down to BHG department store to check out the preview of coming Gundam Model kit. It was crowded with many Gunpla fans!

* see the Gunpla fans snapping away?

It make sense since the highlight of the day is PG Strike Gundam Freedom.

This piece just made his first appearance in Japan a few weeks ago and it had came to Singapore. When I seen it with my own eyes, it is truly a magnificent piece.

Even the inner frame are filled with details.

For Zeon fans, there were display of the upcoming model such as the 1/48 Char's Zaku II

the RG MS-06S Zaku II

and the HGUC Gouf Custom coming in a month time.

There were also a Prototype kit of Gundam X

More of it's details were explained.

There were other kit display such as MG ReZEL which just released,

HGUC Sinanju which also just released and it is a hot selling kit...

MG Sinanju

and the coming MG 00 Quanta.

but what drove many Gunpla fan crazy was the 30% discount on all regular items regardless of HG or MG!

I would like to thank the organiser, Bandai Singapore, Shengtai and BHG for making this possible for Gundam fans. It was like a dream come true.

* That's how I felt, still dreaming of Sinanju. :P

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