Black Gundam with Limited Edition Gundam Designer Bag

When you mention about Gundam (mainly RX78-2), you will likely remember him being mainly White with some Red, yellow and blue. Wouldn't it be COOL if he is a Black Gundam with some clear parts like the following?

Here's a close up on the features which look like leather sew on.

This is a 30th Anniversary limited item that comes with a HG Gundam Model kits and a designer bag to allow you to store some Gunpla runners, modeling  tools on the Go. It is going at 29,400 Yen releasing late December or early January next year.

I am only interested in the Gundam model kit but not that bag. I prefer backbag now. However the price given is over my budgets.

More information can be found at Bandai Premium (inclusive of tax, exclusive of delivery). They are taking the pre-order now at their website.

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You like the black HG Gundam Rx78-2?


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