Woody Toy Story Revoltech Review

Ever since I watched Toy Story the movie over a decade ago, I wanted Woody and Buzz in my toy collection. However I never really like the idea that Woody was a plush looking toy. I wanted something plastic and around 5" that fit nicely in my toy collection. My prayer was answered when I read Revoltech was making a 4 or 5 inches Woody with good articulation using plastic parts! So after a long wait, here's my Woody from Revoltech!

Don't asked me why Woody was considered a Sci-Fi category. I have no idea also. :)
The box had a great presentation with lot of toy story information written in Japanese.

Because I order this over a Japanese online website Amiami as a pre-order, I got this 3D fan from Toy Story. Neat!

Time to Open the toy!

Say Hi Woody, the friendly Sheriff from the West.

Woody in his full glory just like in the animated movie. Just look at the accuracy of the details.

Like in the movie, there's a pull string at his back but it doesn't come with any sound such as "Reach for the sky" line. Actually it would be a neat thing to have but I can over look that for now.

His shiny looking Sheriff badge and the sliver button are some of the details I love about this figure.

If you take off his hat, you can see his cute curl on top of his head.

Here's some that is very in line with the movie. Andy's mark on Woody's boot.

Another impressive features I like about this toy is the movable eyes which you can do your own setting on the knobs controlling the eyes behind Woody face.

With the eye movement, body articulation and details of the figure, fans of the movie can now produce some of the movie scenes like the following.

Another accessories with Woody is this binoculars toy which also appear in Toy Story movie. Can you see anything Woody?

Hm...Seems like Woody found something interesting...

What could it be? Make a guess and find out more later. *Hint Hint*

Overall I am very pleased with this toy as it match most of my expectation and the details was pure awesomeness. This is what I want Woody toy to be. :)

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