A visit to Dennis Home

I was invited to Dennis, a fellow toy blogger home. If you have read his blog, this will be a familiar sight to you.

I was invited to Dennis's third child baby shower and I brought my family along. :)

It was totally another experience to be there to see Dennis's collection in person. Here's some of the closed up.

Some of these toys were review by Dennis sometime back.

Dennis collection mostly consist of Gundam which some of it vintage and rare.

Macross Series MISB!

Here's another GEM!

and another!

Seriously I salute Dennis for being such a die hard toy collector. I would have taken more photo that day but he have many guests that day and it wouldn't be good since the star of that day was the baby.

My family have a good time talking to each Dennis families and friends including desmond, a fellow toy blogger. It was a happy occasion. Thanks Dennis for the invitation.

On the side note, his built in display set me thinking to have my own as most of my toys are all over the place... now I have to work on the budget for that. :P


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