S.I.C Mask Rider Faiz 555

Sometime ago I won a quiz at shewbury and John was generous to give me this S.I.C Mask Rider Faiz with free postage to Singapore. For that I will thank John for his generosity.

If you watched Mask Rider long enough, you may have some impression of this icon, TOEI Company Ltd.

This is a 3.75 inches figure with many accessories and articulations.

I will let Faiz to assist me for the rest of the review from here.

say hello to everyone Faiz.

He was from the toy series of SIC...

Under 555 series produce by Bandai

This series of Mask Rider Henshin (transform) by dialing some number on their special mobile phone...

and later attached the mobile phone on their belts.

Here's a video of our Henshin for you to have a better idea.

Faiz has a decent range of weapon that he used in the series

but for this series, I like Faiz edge (sword mode)

He can use it to do cool poses like chinese sword fighting pose...

and a western Sword fighting pose. :P

I have the Power!

For long range attack, Faiz can use his phone for Phone Blaster Mode.

Whatever it is, it is always important to dial the right number.

* Special appearance of my vintage Ghostbusters.

That ended my review on this toys. If you want a more detail review,  head over to shewbury as he have more pictures of this toy. :)

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