Sangokuden No. 22 Shin Gurensou Sousou Gundam with Zetsuei Preview

Sou Sou (aka Cao Cao) was one of the hero in Sangokuden. Unlike the history of the Three Kingdom where Cao Cao was one of the popular hero, Sangokuden didn't give enough credit to him as a character in my own opinion.

Finally after a few release version of Sou Sou, they gave him some glory in term of model kit. If you are a Sou Sou fan, this should be one of the model kit you got to have. Here are the reasons:

*Please note that the following model kit was partially painted with some color which may not be accurate to the suggestion colors.

1. Zetsuei Horse
Since Lubu and zhao yun have their horses, why not Sou Sou? Sou Sou have his own horse, Zetsuei for this release.

Note that this version of the horse is unique in looks. There is another piece on the front of the chest which look great but it kinda restrict the horse pose and movement.

2. Wings
This version Sou Sou look awesome with his set of wings which is easily attachable at his back.

The back view. The wings gave Sou Sou a magnificent look!

The fun part is that the wings are flexible for you to pose the wings in various ways.

Another configuration

Yet another version. Actually, two more wings can be attached to his shoulder on the front to give a cape look which is not in the picture here.

you can fix the wings on the horse too. This is not official. I am just playing around with it.

3. Stand
Instead of you buying another stand, this version of Sou Sou comes with stand to pose the horse.

Now do Sou Sou look good on his mount?

Overall I really love this new Sou Sou.

I am sure fans of Sou Sou will get this.

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