Sangokuden No. 21 Shin "Luxurious" Ryusou Ryubi

If you watched the recent Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors Anime, You will know the main lead is Ryusou Ryubi. Because of that, Ryusou Ryubi will be having a "Upsize" SD Sangokuden model Kit.

When we talk about Upsize, this is what I mean. See how much bigger it is with a normal BB?

Before we proceed, do note that the following model kit are painted and the coloring maybe different from the releasing ones.

When we talk about Luxurious, it also include a sizable accessories.

So what are some of differences between this Luxurious than a normal BB?

1. Ryubi can have 2 set of interchangeable eyes.

2. Ryubi can have mouth movement (up and down of the mouth piece) which is not quite noticeable.

Those two points can be found at the back of it head.

3. This is the only BB that have knee joints...sorry I forgot to take that shots. :P

4. It also comes with fingers movements!

Here's the normal Ryubi form ready for action.

From the Anime, you will know that one of his sword can transform to another form. This kit has that.

Ryubi transform form need one part from Kan-u's shoulder (Dragon)...

and Chouhi's shoulder (Eagle).

The full glory of this Ryusou Ryubi

When Ryubi is not in action, he can put his weapon at his back.

This Model kit goes one step further to have a display stand to keep Ryubi accessories.

With that, this figure is really a good display figure that will stand out of your collection.

I believe there may not be so much painting job to be done for the release as the golden part should already be coated glossy reflective gold.

The figure will be out tomorrow! Please look out for it!

Personally I felt this is the first of it's kind and I hope in time to come there will be more of it this line.

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