Sangokuden Gashapon Zhang Fei

A week ago I saw Sangokuden Gashapon (capsule) machine and I decided to have a go for it out of curiosity. It is from Brave Battle Warriors Series.

There are total of 10 types in the series. Some of which are troopers and add on such as horses and weapons.

I for one was hoping to get a cute trooper but I got Zhang Fei which come with Armor, Helmet and Spear pieces.

Putting them together is easy and this is what you will get. The figure does not come with any movable joint tho and the spear look like a broom to me. :P

A close up to the details of Zhang Fei is decent compare to the size of it.

In case you are wondering what the size, here's a comparsion with my 2" Domokyun.

Really tiny right? All that for 100 Yen which is SGD $2. Worth it?


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