Regarding Bootleg Snow Miku

Not too long ago, I was happily surfing the web looking for some good deals for cheap gadgets at a China website. To my surprise, I discovered they sell toys too! Sure I know the likelihood of the toys were bootleg but when I saw a Nendoroid Snow Miku, someone (OTTi) agree that it is a must get.

I decided to order it to see how "good" it will be. At the very least, I can do a review on it and what a Experience that I had. After quite a long wait, my order finally came.

When the package was opened, I was shocked to see instead of a Snow Miku, I got a normal looking Miku instead! Given a benefit of doubt that they mixed up my order, I decided to feedback to them.

One day later, I got a reply sayings they have verified my order and what was sent to me was correct, just that the color of the toy is different. They even went to check with their "Engineer". As a compensation, they offer me 3% discount for the next order.

So this is what they said about same character just different color? orz...

And give me 3% discount for the next purchase? The 3% discount sound very attractive to you? orz x 2!

I decided to reply them stating that their presentation is misleading and I demand to have my Snow Miku else I will go for a refund. They still insisted that it was not an error on their end and counter offer me 5% discount for the next order. Honestly I was not interested but if I wanted a refund, I would have to send back the item to them on my own expenses and only when they get back the goods, they will do a refund. That was too much trouble for me and I am not sure if I send back will it reached safely to them.

So I replied saying I am willing to accept their offers if they do the changes on the photo of their so other will not be mislead like me. However till today, they didn't make any changes...Well, what do you expect? Professionalism?

So this is what we get...Disappointing...OTTi had it worst as he could get his Snow Miku...

So that ended my story for the day. Maybe I should do a review on the bootleg Miku should I?


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