Real Grade RX-78-2 Part 2 Legs

I have been taking my own sweet time to build my Real Grade RX-78-2. After I did the feet, the interesting part was the legs. As some may say Real Grade can match with MG in details just much in HG scale (1/144). This review of the Leg will prove the details in Real Grades.

Like MG, there is a inner frame. By look at the leg frame, what do you see?

Well although the runner are binded and form in one casting, there actually moving parts build on this runner joined together! First we need to release the part from the runner.

With the removal, you will see the moving parts already casting on the runner. Now how do they do that?!

Now we move in to the details. With that I let the picture do the talking as it will show the parts slowly put on the leg.

See the number of steps? Can that match MG line?

Integrate that on with the feet, both legs of my RG are completed. With the separated parts joined together to form the whole casting of the legs, I do not think it is necessary to do any paneling.

What do you think?
That's my update so far of my Real Grade. More updates later!

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