Project M: Miku enjoys the heat!

It's good to have updates from cutebucket again for Project M, making a Hatsune Miku dolls. Previously giving Miku a hair do and she felt more work on her hair. Let's move on to the latest updates. Over to cutebucket.

Several weeks ago, I tried to make Miku's bangs lie flat by using hair wax and hot water. Neither of these methods really worked-- her bangs continued to stick out, making her look unkempt and messy. This week, Miku traveled to North Carolina with me, where the hot weather inspired me to try a new technique. This time, it really worked!

My parents have a hair dryer with an adjustable heat setting. I turned the heat up as high as it could go.

Then I smoothed Miku's hair down using a tiny amount of hair mousse.

I used a piece of scrap fabric to tie her hair down flat.

Then, I let her sweat below the hairdryer for about 15 minutes.

After she cooled down (another 15 minutes or so), her bangs finally stayed in place!

Since her makeshift clothes were much too warm for this climate, I made her a little bikini. I think she loves the hot weather!

Do you like her?


More updates later.

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