Monoeye Style Capsule

It had been sometime since I got myself some new set of gashapon (aka capsule figures) and last week, I got the whole set of it.
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Ever since I saw a post from Bmecha about a mini Zaku, it got my attention on this cute figures.
Okay I can't really say these as figures as it is more of a decoration accessories.

There are 2 zaku in this series

close up on the sitting zaku with trademark and manufacture country.

There are 4 Acguys in various colors. Only the pink one have a stripe.

See the details on close-up for the neat coloring.

Trademark same as Zakus...

you can hook each one up with a clip which is on top of each one of them.

These will make good decorations of zeon fans!

A cool set for all Zeon fans. LOL


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