MG Kamen Rider W/Double Review

If my memory serve me well, this is the first time a model kit in MG for a Kamen Rider. Henshin!

Now you may find it rather funny why this Kamen Rider each side have different color representing different identify. For this is Cyclone (Green).

One thing I always like about Kamen Rider is their insect looking eyes. These are shining ones too!

You may also want to know this kamen Rider can switch different colors at will. For those who have not seen Kamen Rider W/Double, here's a short clip of it and you will have better understanding.

Cool? Well let's see if this MG model kit can do what he does in the clip.

Firstly the belt is flexible.

The USB memory can be remove from the belt.

For this model kit, it only comes with two memories.

Pick a memory...

slot it into the side belt...

Cyclone complete!!

Finishing kick!

Some say kamen rider always in Mask and you can't really tell what he is talking or his expression. Actually what they do is that they amplify the some body languages for you to know how and what they feel. Here's some examples...



Alert mode


Leap for Joy
img border="0" src="" data-original-width="311" data-original-height="450" />

Melancholy of Kamen Rider Double mindedness...

Kamen Rider got talent...

Cyclone KICK!

Okay better stop here before get carry away.

Overall I like this MG Kamen Rider as it is good for display and with proper coloring, this could be a master piece. I only do some coloring and sticking of stickers for this model kit.

Till then, see you next time!

Updates: Since Jcee requested to have a size comparison, here Kamen Rider W with a 6" Spiderman and 2" Domo. Yes, lucky Domo is back from Japan. More update on Domo later.


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