Meiko Change me Project Diva 2

In Project Diva 2 on PSP, Meiko get to have her own song and to be honest, it was the first time I see Meiko sing and dance. I never know how sexy she can be until I saw her doing "Change Me".

I like this number music arrangement together with choreography of the dance move. I never know Meiko can be so mature in her voice and look as the Meiko toy I have she look really cute.

More of my cute Meiko toy review.

For the game part, I manage to just clear the extreme stage of this song "Change me". It was not easy but still can manage to clear it with some practice. For those who want to know what "Change me" song is all about, here's one super MV with english lyrics.

So how much do you love Meiko now?


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