Konami LovePlus 1/8 Figure Series

If you are NDS owner, it is likely you know what is LovePlus. It's a popular game by Konami that set many "otakus" love struck and they even treat them like real Girl friend!!

Even though I have never play the game, these 3 kawaii school girl already charm me.

If you think Love plus is one of those game, you are mistaken. Love plus is MORE than a dating game. It is a virtual companion or some would say it, your virtual girlfriend.

If you are wondering what so fun about the game, here is a trailer of its feature of a virtual relationship.

Summary for those who doesn't get it. Player date the girls and get one to be with you as girl friend. Once it is your girl friend you can interact with her by touch her on her forehead, cheeks with the touch pad. Players can set how they want their girlfriend to address them such as Honey, Darling, whatever but in Japanese of course. Over time she can be modify to match the players' likes and dislikes. Wow! an ideal GF! Somehow in reality it always another way round right? :P No wonder the game is so popular. Guess what? One player even digital avatar of Nene Anegaski, from the game!

The game was so popular that Konami decide produce the 3 1/8 PCV figures in the stories.

高嶺愛花 sweet and cheerful girl. I love the movement of her hair for this toy.

姉ヶ崎寧々 this is the one some married her. I guess it is because among the 3, she has a more charming body parts for guys. :P

小早川凛子 a bit tomboyish but personally I like her hair and her pose for this figure.

These 3 lovely PCV is selling online at Konami website.

Each comes with 5 different set of hair style for you to change!

If you are not in Japan, you can get from Tokyo Hunter to get for you!

On the side note, here's an interesting cosplay of Love Plus.

Too bad I don't know Japanese and I do not own a NDS... Heck! you may not need a NDS as there will be an Acarde version of Loveplus!

Are you falling in love with Love Plus girls already?


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