King of Fighter Movie?

Honestly, please tell me your first impression when you see hear about "The King of Fighter" video game being making to a Hollywood movie?

For all great video game adaption movie it is most important to have suitable cast...wait, did I just said "all great" video game movie? Is there any "Great Video game movie" so far in the history of Geekiness that it totally satisfy the video game fans? I think the only one that come close would be Angelina Jolin as Lara Craft in Tomb raider.

Since video game fans have certain idolization or a degree of "emotional attachment", suitable casting is important. So let's look at the cast of King of Fighter the movie.

It seems like video game movie is getting female lead as the center of the attention. Just like Legend of Chunli, King of Fighters uses Mai Shiranui as a main lead. As we all know Mai Shiranui look like this.

For the movie, they cast Maggie Q as Mai Shiranui...And fans were looking for at least some Mai's signature assets? No offense Maggie Q...

By right, the main lead of the video game in KOF should be Kyo Kusanagi.

But since this is Hollywood, no asian should be in the lead. So like Dragonball Evolution, they have a American to have a Japanese name like Kyo Kusanagi and they think they can get away with it since they did that anyway for countless movie.

To make up for more Asian (as the director is also a Asian), they included some Asian male like the one acted in Iori.

As far as video game movie is concern, the villain never stand out as not much people will give damn anyway.

I think like Dragonball Evolution, King of Fighters may be redeem by the amount of hot chicks inside that will keep the fans (mainly male) forgiving...

Anyway here an Trailer + interview I found on youtube.

If there would be any close success, I think the Japanese will have more success producing the movie. However I could be wrong and I hope they prove me wrong. :)


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