Just be Friends - Luka Megurine

If you have been playing the latest PSP Project Diva 2 (like I did), you will have encounter this AWESOME song from Luka Megurine, Just be Friends.

The first time I was playing that stage and heard the song, it blew me away. The charm of Luka movements, her voice with the rhythm of the song as if it was a LIVE concert was perfect! Take a look at the game PV.

If you ever wonder if there was a LIVE concert, well there was! Luka Megurine actually preform LIVE! Look at the effect.

Okay for those who have no ideal what is the song about, maybe this actual PV that come with English subtitle should let you know have an idea.

You can't believe it was a sad song right? Initially I thought this songs was about a gal dumping a guy and said "just be friends". But it turn out to be a guy point of view!! @_@

Some creative talents in Malaysia did a Cosplay version matching the Original PV. See if that wow you.

Sorry if all these playing of the same song makes you love the song. :P


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