I want Gundam Movie Screening!

In March this year, I was blessed to be able to watch Gundam Unicorn episode one on the big screen. It was all possible because of the organizer of Shengtai and Bandai South Asia. It is totally another experience to be able to watch it on the big screen with a group of Gundam fans eating popcorns and feeling the 5.1 audio effect. Because of that experience, I am craving for more screening. However I am not sure if that is going to happen again.

*Did you spotted something special here? Kero?

I remember when I blog about the screening, I heard two type of responses. One from other countries that expresses how they were jealousy that in Singapore to have organizers (merchants) to make it possible for the fans. While at the other end of the spectrum, the unappreciative ones that said something like "Why must I spend money to buy the products to get to see the screening while I can see it online for first hand for FREE?"

It is really disheartening to hear that kind of response isn't it? Well if you don't, at least I do.

How often do you see Gundam Anime showing on the big screen like Japan did?
Do you think organizing such event take a lot of effort? Some of the effort could getting Japan side to agree to release the Anime oversea for this special event during that period which may already need to go through a lot of approval. That is just one part, we still have to have a license over our end to screen in the theater.

What about booking of the cinema and getting the man power that day to do the ground work such as putting up of poster, allocating the seats to the ticket owners and other logistic stuff in that short 4 hours? Given on top of that, preparing the goodies pack as bonus? For all that, the organizers only put on a rule for fans to buy their original product at a certain price to get the ticket. Is that a fair to ask for since the product even without the movie are selling at those pricing? Some of the items during that period are on discount too!

At this point you may think I am siding the merchants but without the merchants, who do you think be the first to pay the price upfront for such event not mentioning having the rights?

Some goes as far as demand to have a same day screening as in Japan. These movie are only Legal to release in Japan only and if the source can be given on the same day outside Japan, don't you think something is not right? Even if that is possible, I doubt those "fans" will actually pay the price for that.

With all these odds, unless Gundam fans in Singapore show their understanding and support, I don't think there will be much screening in time to come. In short, a movie or a event can only be successful with the support of it supporters.

I hope there will be screening for 00 and Unicorn Gundam Episode 2 in Singapore. It really a different experience to watch with other Gundam fans and you may never fully understand how it felt like unless you been to one before. If you want, you can say it with me on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/openthetoypage for wanting Gundam screening together. Hopefully it goes to show some love for Gundam from Singapore.

P.S: The purpose of this post is a personal rant and not to name or single out anyone in particular. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. :)


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