Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Revoltech Review

"Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, come in Star Command...."

Since I got Woody, it will make prefect sense to get Buzz Lightyears from Revoltech as well. So here he is!

Like Woody, Buzz have the same packaging but with different content.

Since I got it as a Pre-order, I got Buzz 3D fan as well.

Buzz is a toy with lots of Sci-fi gadgets and it make sense Buzz to be in the Sci-Fi series of Revoltech. One of the gadget was his space ranger helmet which can be on or off.

As we all know, Buzz is a Space Ranger

Say hello Buzz!

In the movie, Buzz come with some button that will play some of his line as a toy. However Revoltech do not have this function.

The only offensive weapon that Buzz have is the laser gun but again Revoltech did not add that in on this toy.

Like Woody, Buzz have a signature of Andy on his feet.

For Buzz's Jet pack, it has good details. However if you want to have the wings to open up, you have to manually detach some part and attach some parts.

Although in the movie we see this Buzz press his button

and off the wing spread but this do not happen in Revoltech. You got to D.I.Y. :) No LEDs lighting on the wing too.

Other accessories include 3 little green plastic Soldiers. Here's a close up on the leader.

and the soldiers in action...

Honestly I do not know the connection of these plastic soldier with Buzz...Anyone can remember if they ever work together or something like that in the movie?

The review is not complete with Woody and Buzz together from the same Revoltech series

Point to note, Buzz for this series is much shorter than Woody which is NOT the way it is in the movie.

Beside the above complains, Buzz is still true to Toy Story. Any thing I left out?


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