Bootleg Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Review

As there are requests for me to review the bootleg Miku instead ofthe Bootleg Snow Miku I ordered from the China website. Here is my review on that bootleg version of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku toy.

Disclaimer: This review is from the toy perceptive on a personal opinion of the author. It is in NO way promoting or supporting  bootleg product. The purpose is to create awareness of the difference between original and bootleg.

As you can see the bootleg currently able to copy the details down to the packaging. However you will notice the quality of the color on the print maybe shabby and the color setting in detail may look dull or blur.

For my case, the condition of the box was damaged because of the handling during delivery.

When open the toy package, all the parts were present (thank goodness). Even the presentation of the package in the clear plastic layout is the same as original.

Like the original, this toy come with a stand however when you put together, the stand cannot hold the figure properly. Expected?

I have notice the plastic tone of the skin is not painted and left with the base color of the plastic which look rather glossy. If I remember correctly, it should be matte painted

The hair color tone were not spray evenly and the color is pretty thin which look like a decoloring tone. The figure is quite loose on some parts.

All the accessories and parts were as original and even with a skilled eye from a distance, it maybe challenging to spot the difference.

If you are under the impression that the paint quality of the bootleg is bad, this is one example that will put you off guard.  Is this level of painting like original? You tell me.

Nevertheless in most cases, the painting give in most bootleg it away. If it is from far, it pretty hard for one to spot the different especially it is in packaging. So buyer please beware.

Some useful pointers to spot bootleg

1. The quality of the plastic. For example skin color. Most bootleg never really paint the plastic and the skin of the plastic in this case for the face is too glossy. However it is tricky as the figure is in the box cover up by glossy plastic which may pose a challenge to see the actual quality.

2. The coloring of the figure maybe not as bright or well painted in detail for some cases.

3. The same apply on the packaging especially when you spotted the boxes print color is off and not that fine. That's another warning.

4. Lastly is the pricing. If the pricing is too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

That's all for bootleg Miku. Hope you find the information useful. If you have other pointers, do share it with us here for Nendoroid lines.


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