Trunkz Sword Dragonball Candy Toy

As promised last week on Digital Grade Gashapon Super Saiya Trunks review, here's my review on Trunk's Sword from the Dragonball Kai Candy Toys.

I remembering the first appearance of Trunks that kept me puzzle who is this young teenager boy with a sword on his back and also a Super Saiya. The moment he uses his sword to slide into half of Frieza, I was in awe and wanting to get the sword for myself. Coolness + 100!

When I first get this candy toy, I was thinking maybe this sword is good for 12 inches figure since the box is around 17cm in height but when I open it, I had a Frieza expression when he was cut into two in a faction of a second.

The candy toy sword is HUGE!

Just in case you can't picture the size, just take a look at the handle of the sword!

With a full grip, my hand just managed to wrap around the handle. With that in mind, imagine the length of the sword! I love the painting of the handle which give a leather kind of feeling on the out look. The handle do remind me of Lord of the Rings tho. :P

The toy comes with three parts. Fix it together and you will get this.

Missing a part of the blade it seems? Not actually.

The other part of the blade can be extended and the part need you to push a catch to pull it out.

Since it is a candy toy for children, they have safety in mind. That extended blade was made of soft rubber but still look good as a sword on the whole. I put a pen knife on the size for a size comparison with it.

Big right?

I never imagine how I will fall in love with this toy but believe me, I often have this toy on my hands to play around when I am free. How I play with it? by imagining cutting Frieza into half of course! LOL

Die Frieza Die!

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