Transformers Movie Legend Ravage

I always find Deluxe class Ravage in the movie Transformers Revenge of the Fallen to be too big and not to scale. When I heard about Ravage going to be release in Legend class (smaller scale), I told myself I got to have it! What took them so long?

To be honest, Michael Bay adaption of the Transformers movie never match up to my expectation or overtake my love for the old generation one cartoon. I only get a handful of the movie toys because they are great looking in Vehicle form. And I get this Ravage because it was cute looking to me as a bot and not really in Vehicle mode.

Time to Open the Toy!
I notice something different...normally the strings that tie around the toys to prevent them for falling out of place are wire wrap around with a layer of thin plastic. But this time round, it uses a more environment friendly string! Good job Hasbro.

In the same packaging there was a piece of paper with a unique key number for the customer to join the Hunt for the Decepticons at

Here's Ravage! The movie version did some brave move on the design like giving him a single eye. Personally I don't like that one bit.

However they retain the Panther shape of G1.

This Legend Ravage comes with decent articulation joints making a great value for this toy.

A true sign of Deception can be found on it's shoulder.

In term of scale, it look great beside a voyager class Iron hide.

As it is a transformers, I would transform it to the disguise mode which is not so much a disguise seen it is alien looking. The transformation begin with a beast head

to a Bird head. :P

See any similarity of Ravage beside the Legend class Fallen on the left?

Overall I am happy with this toy which look cute and to scale with much of my Transformers toys. For me I would still prefer to display Ravage in his bot form. Ravage also seems happy with his new home. :P


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