Project M: Head Complete & Trial Shots

Project M updates continue with Cutebucket having started putting the eye in place and rooting of Miku's hair. Cutebucket will now continue in her quest to complete this custom Hatsune Miku.

This week, I finished rooting Miku's hair, which meant that I could finish her head entirely. I added hair to her headcap, so that her skin was no longer visible on the sides of her head:

As in last week's post, I had tied down Miku's bangs to keep them from sticking up.

They have already gotten more tame, except they were still too long.

A little bit of trimming made Miku's eyes more visible.

Then, it was time to close Miku's head with the headcap. I started off by lining up the edges as best I could.

This allowed me to locate strands of hair that lined up between the face and the headcap.

All I had to do to keep the headcap in place was to tie a tight knot.

I did this in about 10 places all around her head (front center, back center, and four on each side)
Looks good!

Time to give Miku her body! I tied up her hair to see how the length compares to her body. Of course, her hair is too long...

... so I carefully trimmed it, using the same techniques I used previously on her bangs.

By this point, Miku was eager to get out of my room and breathe some fresh air!!

Her bangs still need a little work, but she is a sweet little thing, don't you agree?

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Project M will be returning in anther 2 to 3 weeks time as Cutebucket will be busy with cosplay on one of her event over her area. We will return with more updates then. :)


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