Project M: Hair-do

Project M updates continue on Cutebucket after doing the Make up for Miku Hatsune. This week, she started to root Miku Hatsune hair. Over to Cutebucket.

After having her eyes opened and face painted, Miku was ready to get her hair! Rooting hair comes neatly rolled up like this:

One end is tied off with elastic, while the other is free. Hair of this length likes to get tangled easily, so I taped one end to a triangular protractor. I used three colors of rooting hair for Miku: Pale blue, Blue, and Green.

Then I hung them on my wall!

This way, the hair could hang straight down and I wouldn't have to worry so much about it getting tangled while I was working with it.

Aside from the hair itself, I also used a Rooting Hair needle.

This needle is basically like a bigger, longer sewing needle.

I found that rooting hair is actually quite simple, but time-consuming. To start, I cut off a few (about 10 or so) strands of the rooting hair, close to the elastic band. I began with the darker blue, since this is Miku's dominant color.

The hair gets threaded through the hole in the rooting hair needle...

and the two ends are knotted off.

Then, I cut the hair close to the knot.

I drew the needle through Miku's head, from the inside to the outside.

The knot stays on the inside of her head and keeps the hair in place.

The only thing left to do is to cut the end!

For shorter hair, like Miku's bangs, it's also possible to tie a second knot and cut the hair about the knot, so that you are using the same strands of hair for several rootings.

Then the process gets repeated. Many, many, many times!

A few minutes... you can see that I have started to integrate green and pale blue into her hair to make it look more natural.

A few hours...

About a day... Miku is starting to get her bangs, but they still need to be filled out.

After about three days...

Miku's front half is complete! Her bangs are much too long and unstyled, but we'll get to that once all her hair has been rooted!

In order to prevent an awkward "bald spot" where her long hair joins her bangs, I overlapped the bangs with her long hair in a zigzag fashion. You can't see her skin at all now.

And then... I ran out of blue ><;

I still have to root the hair on her headcap, so I ordered more blue and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive.

Thanks Cutebucket for the updates. Till today the hair have not arrive yet. Will the hair arrived next week? Tune in Next week for the updates!

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