Hercules from Mcdonalds

Today I am going to review or should I say revisit some of the old toys, particularly Hercules Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys in 1997. Some of you maybe puzzle why all of the sudden I decided to revisit some old toys. Well I have to thank Juliana for passing me some of her Happy Meal Toys and allow me to do so.

The purpose is to let some of us who went to that period to recall some fond memories and for those who was not around that period, a chance to see the glory of such toys. Eh..that make me sound really old... Anyway here's the stars of the week! Hercules from Disney, Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys!

Do note that this set is NOT a complete set with a mixed of other region Happy Meal Toys.

On the topic of Hercules, you will recognized a lot of details in the movie that resemble "The Clash of the Titans". For one both are the son of Zeus, a Greek mystical god. So that make Hercules half god and half man. Hercules have great strength and ... I think that the only power he has...

For Villain in the collection, we have Lava Titan. This figure as I learned from Juliana came from US Happy Meal Toy.

The titans in the movie are much taller but for the toys, they scale it down logically.

and so Hercules slices the Lava Titan in half and out come something surprising cute!

It's Baby Pegasus! This is the reason why Juliana get the Lava Titan for as it is an item together. Isn't he cute?

On the subject of Pegasus, this is the second point identical to "Clash of the Titans". As we know, baby do grow up and so did Pegasus.

So that will be Hercules ride.

Like all Heroic story, it need a damsel in distress or a love interest. Someone lovely and stunting that take the heart of the hero instantly.

There is a twist in recent years to the traditional roles of a female lead. They are no longer portrait a weaker role but one with attitude but at the same time want a knight in shinning armor to save them...yeah I know something just don't add up.

Meet Megara, you can call her Meg. In modern times, she could be Megan Fox.

In the story, Megara was not so much a damsel in distress but a bait to lead the hero Hercules into a trap by Hades against her will. A typical story writing right? But if it is like Megan Fox then it would be very convincing.

Here's another typical story to go along with no respective of time.

Something you can relate to right?

Personally this movie didn't match my expectation that time as I kinda felt it a copy of the characters from the old "Clash of the Titans". Similarly around that period of time, there were a TV series Hercules which somehow make this movie look better. LOL

Do you want to see Hercules birth mark? Here it is.

See I make you look. LOL

That wrap up our re-visit on these Mcdonalds Happy Meal toys in 1997 of Juliana collections. I will be sharing more of the retro or vintage Mcdonalds Happy Meal toys in the weeks to come.

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In closing, here's a shot BenHur looking shot for Disney Hercules.



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