Frieza's Scouter Dragonball Candy Toy

Alas! I finally get my hands on this Geeky Scouter!

From my first post of Dragonball gadgets over a year ago, I have been searching high and low for this toy. I missed it a couple of time and finally I got it. T_T

This version of the Scouter belongs to Frieza from the Dragonball Kai candy toy series.

Remember the scouters in the Dragonball Anime, you have to activate the reading by pushing a button and a sound and reading will appear. Well this candy toys had the sound function which give the beeps by pressing the button on the side but no real reading will be show on screen.

The candy toys comes with 2 cards which you barely see the reading clearly. Now that is where the scouter comes in.

Putting on the scouter, I can read the power reading on the card clearly.

I remember I have some old Dragonball card with such hidden reading as well. So I decided to give it a try.

And it works! + 100!

The toy comes with a head clip but it was designed for kids which is quite tight for me forcing the scouter to be uneven when I wore it.

It is a geeky dream to own a scouter toy in the early 1990s and finally I owned such a toy. For the sake of the review, I did a "camwhore" shot purely for the purpose to show the scale of the toy.

*Note: The reading on the scouter is done digitally and not on the actual toy. :)

So do I look like Frieza or Vegeta? :P

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