Dragonball Radar Candy Toy

My April order for the Dragonball candy toys had arrived last month and I think it is time for me to review the toys. Let's start with the cool looking Dragonball Radar.

For those who have no idea on what is Dragonball Radar, you can read here.

Did I mention this is a candy toy and it is not blind box (I HATE BLIND BOX!). What you see, is what you get. Do note that the height of this box is about 8 inches and not those mini candy toys.

At the back of the box some of the features of what this Radar Toy can do.

Open the Toy and you will get to see the Dragonball Radar which was first designed by the brilliant Bulma. The size was a little smaller than I thought and there are additional two buttons which was not be there in the comic. There also attached a chain thingy to this toy.

Now this radar toy is actually a clock. You can revile the clock by turning the top nobs and the hidden digital clock screen will appear.

Beside showing the time, it also show the date of Day and Month but not the year. You can set the timing with the two buttons which we talk about earlier at the side of the radar.

What is a Dragonball radar be if it couldn't detect Dragonball? Like in the Anime, this toy radar uses 3 LEDs to simulate the location of the Dragonball whenever you press the top nob. Each pressing of the top nob, the 3 LEDs will light up in sequence with lots of blinks. It's pretty cool!

This toys is definitely a good toys for kids who read Dragonball. The only cons is that the size is smaller than I expected. Then again this toy is for kids and so to their scale, the radar proportion seems right.

The Dragonball candies toys will continue next week as we discover more Fun with the toys. You can follow simply say Like in my facebook page or subscribe my RSS or follow me on Twitter.


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