Digital Grade Super Saiya Trunks

We have come to a Digital age and Bandai release a new Dragonball Kai Gashapon with new and brighter colors.

The whole series consist of 5 characters.

I gave a go on the capsule machine aka Gashapon and I got Super Saiya Trunks! I love the semi translucent golden hair. Under a bright light, the hair kinda light up.

This Trunks look great in all the angels. In the comic, this is his first appearance when he met Freeza and his dad who came to earth to destroy and eliminated Son Goku. You may click on the following picture to have a better view.

Digital grade version have make some changes from the comic in color and some saddle design. For one you may notice the color of his jacket to be greenish then original blue. Here's a snap shot of Trunks in the Anime.

The color and the capsule corp logo look differ.

The sword coloring also went through some changes.

The handle changes from Silver to gold and the Scarbard from Orange to black.

Maybe Digital grade upgraded the colors which I am quite alright with it as the color now look more vibrant for display.

Can you feel the coolest this Super Saiya Trunks?

Next week, I will be reviewing Trunks Sword! No kidding. :)

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