With Kim, All things are Possible

In the early 2000, Disney decided to produce a teenage cartoons changing most of the definition of Heroism. The new cartoon need to be cool and the lead should be a teenage girl who suppose to save the world at the same time facing head on with her growing up issue with school and family. Above anything else, she should be COOL! And Cool she was. Meet Kim Possible.

I got this Kim Possible toy couple of years back on a retail sales. Remembering her in her cartoon series, this articulated Kim Possible stand close to 12". She had magnetic parts on her hands and legs.

It was love at first sight since I watched the series too. The face was well sculpted like Kim in the cartoon. Oh, I love her hair too. :P

The toy comes with a metal base stand with her logo. This metal base is important to this toy.

With the metal base, Kim had a great sense of balance.

Like Kim doing the Karata Kid pose!

and dud a side kick!

Even a one legged squat with great balance!

All thanks to the magnetic feature on the hand and legs that make Kim stick on any metal surfaces even with a hand!

This toy did justice for Kim. It is a great mix between a doll and action figure and above all a fun and good looking figure. If you would ask why this toy rocks, Kim would have a answer for you.

Here's something that you may want to know about the influence of Kim Possible. The series was so popular that it was translated to many languages around the world and one of the thing that will grow on you is the theme song which some use it as a ring tone of their mobile phone during that time.

There are various cover of her theme song in different version on MTV. The original is Christina Milian but I couldn't find the MTV of her nonetheless here are some other covers
Call Me Page Me in English by Arashiro Beni.

In French by Priscilla. Great looking MTV too

Finally, She had a Chinese version for Taiwan and China. The call the series 麻辣女孩(Hot and spicy gal).

In all MTV in different languages, they never change the part where her name was sung in English, "Kim Possible" and dressed like her.

The song was so popular that a Hongkong girl group, Wonder girls use it for their songs.

Note, that has nothing to do with Kim Possible.

Now tell me if Kim Possible is cool or what? Any Kim Possible fan here?


Juno said…
Here I am, a fan of KP. Thanks for your valuable review of the toy!

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