Upcoming MG at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2010

At Shinzuoka Hobby Show 2010 which open yesterday and Bandai surprise us with more [MG]FIGURE-RISE series for the non-Gundam.

Coming in August is one character that is a hit in Japan and other part of world. The latest Kamen Rider W (仮面ライダーW)! So now Kamen Rider fans will be having it as a Model Kit at the price of 3800 Yen.

More of the same series will be releasing after August and I don't think it need much painting and with the full articulation of MG. That get me excited.

In October, there is One Piece for One Piece fans. It's One Piece Luffy (モンキー・D・ルフィ) in [MG] FIGURE-RISE! Just look at the left figure in the picture below.

As for Dragonball fans, you guys should have notice two gray figure which is not Goku looking at the last photo right? That's right! It is a prototype of Vegata (ベジータ) and Trunkz (トランクス).

I do not know if Vegeta is being Super Saiyan but I think that can be easily repaint if Bandai wanted to. But I have a feeling both will be in normal or Super Saiyan version in time to come. No release date were given for these two MG and No news on Piccolo in this series... :(

Note that all MG Figure-Rise are 1/8 scale. I will keep my eye peel for these series for sure.

More of the happening at Shizuka Hobby Show can be found on Source: Hobby Media, Muso's Photo Album and Ngeekhiong


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