A Trip to Gundam Cafe

My friend CL went to Tokyo, Akihabara district recently and visited the Gundam Cafe that open few months ago. It is a place where all the hardcore Gundam fans should pay a visit and he had taken some photo with his iPhone and allow me to share it with my readers in this blog. Thanks CL!

TATA! The Gundam Cafe!

what do you expect to see in the cafe? Some Gundam display of course! Guess this Gundam, Gundam fan!

There are Fix Configuration Gundam too on display.

Here's one.

Another Waitress in Uniform to greet you! Salute! Ehm... Are you a NEW TYPE? :P

The hardworking waitress were busy fulfilling the orders...

Hungry? Have a Gundam Pancake... deep fired? Eat it while it's hot but will you have a heart to eat it?

As for drinks. Have a Haro coffee!

Don't just have one, have a few!

Finally anyone can guess what are these two cards for?

Log in your answer at the comment section now!

For more information about Gundam Cafe can be found here.


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