Tamagotchi iD Review

I guess this is a secret or maybe I am too outdated but Tamagotchi are in COLOR now!

Now I know some may think this game concept are outdated but I have to say the truth is far from it. Today the attraction of Tamagotchi is still there meet the needs of any owners to want to own a interactive pet or friend anytime anywhere.

The new Tamagotchi iD runs on 2 AA batteries which can be gotten anywhere. Anyway it has auto power saving which greatly save your batteries life time.

There are misconception that playing such games as it may require you a constant attention can be disturbing but Tamagotchi iD have standard sleeping time and waking up time. All you need to do is to set your clock right the first time and the pet will know when to sleep and awake.

My younger sister-law played with Tamagotchi in her childhood and this is her take on the New Tamagotchi iD.

Here's some of the screen shot of the status of the Tamagotchi Pet which include the mood (Happy), weighs, age, gender and the generation. Yes your Tamagotchi will go on in various Generation.

Here's a screen shot of the happiness level of the pet and the amount of the money you have.

In order to make your pet to be happy, you need to feed them, play game with them, bring them out to play, bring them out to visit friend and buy toy for them. Everything is able to get it in the Tamagochi. The previous version we have in Singapore require internet connection to do the above. This save a lot of time for the players which I love the most.

You can buy your Tamagotchi some toys such as a toy car. Now I can bring him out to play even on a rainy day.

You can bring your pet to the restaurant too!

There are a lot of choices of food you can get for your pet. However do take note of what your pet like. If you if feed him something that he do not like, it will help in the increase the happy level. If not, it is wastage of the money.

Be caution, some food can actually causes your pet to choke!

You can dress your your pet up as well. Just go to the shop for shopping.

Take your pick for new look everyday with accessories like caps or sunglass Etc.

As a owner, keep your pet clean as well. Give them a shower.

When your pets reach certain age, you can bring your pet to a match making. If successful, your pet will have the next generation to continue. Once the baby is born, the parent will stay with the baby for awhile, after that you will take over and look after the baby and the parent will disappear.

Where to earn money to feed your pet? Well there are three games for you to play to earn money for that.

You can play with your anytime but do remember when you play with your pet, the weighs of the pet will drop. So it is important that you feed your pet, after his/her playtime.

You can customized your background which you can purchase from the stores.

Overall I like this compare to the older version as it has more expression and you actually need to understand your pet more in order to make your pet grow happier.

Although Tamagotchi iD is in Japan languages, there a special menu and instruction translated in both English and Mandarin included with this project in Singapore.

Tamagotchi iD now available in Singapore Mall like Plaza Sing, Takashimaya, BHG Bugis, Metro, OG behind the counters. There are 6 colors for you to choose from.

If you are interested to get one, let me know. ;)


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