Shrek the Father Figure

Following Shrek part 4 Forever After, Mcdonalds started with the latest Shrek movies characters as a Happy Meal Toy this week. Meet Shrek, the Chatter Changer toy.

The likeness of Shrek were well represented on this toy. Shrek comes with a Silver shield which is too small for his size.

In the third installment of the Shrek movie, Shrek became a father. So instead of giving him and accessories, he got this.

Little orge. Does he/she look like the Mummy or Daddy?

With this little baby, Shrek had become a Chatter Changer or so call the new masculine hero. I have a feeling that the female gender had a hand in the character development.

The Fun begins when you put the baby Orge onto Shrek. You need to turn on the switch at the back of Shrek and the moment the baby orge is put around his neck, Shrek will play a phase from the movie. In total this toy had two phase.

In most cases the illustration look better than the toy but not for this toy. Thank goodness the toy doesn't look like the fierce looking Shrek on the packaging.

Here's a portrait of the Father and Child.

Shrek should be more mature ever since he becomes a father. No longer a "carefree" Orge that goes around doing what he pleased. That somehow make him want to go back in time and everything went wrong. I guess that is the reason why he made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin.

As a Father now, I can comprehend better what Shrek went through. The demand of life and challenges sometime can weight us down. But for the smile from the little one, you will instantly be recharge, making you feel like a Superman.

Overall I am very pleased with the quality of these series of Shrek toys. The only down side, Shrek only had one movable joint which is his left hand. If you are a fan of the movie, this sets is a must get for you. They are plenty of characters to collect but make sure you will not end up to be like the Pussy in boots in this installment. (I think he is more fatter than Garfield now).

Gringy look the cute-est to me. I will get him if I come across him.


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