Pullip Clothes and Accessories

kelvin255 and his wife Akane* will be continue their sharing on the topic of Pullip Clothes and Accessories. Over to Kelvin255!

It is a given that Pullips, like all fashion dolls, can change clothes. Most clothes for Barbie and other 12-inch figures can fit.

My wife's dolls are displayed in the same room as my toys. When they get tired of girly clothes they'll raid my shelves...

Return Of The Cute

Princess Leia, eat your heart out!

Rebel Alliance recruitment poster

There are also many 1/6 scale props and accessories for Pullips. Candy toys from R-ment, Megahouse, and F-Toys are the perfect size for them.

They not only raid my shelves for clothes, but for toys too! Aina and Rum are our resident Transformers fangirls. But they support opposite factions, and their rivalry can get a little intense...

(Click on image for larger pic)

That's all for today. :) Thank you Kelvin255! This is the first time I seen a mixture of Dolls and Transformers. Kelvin255 will be sharing with us more on the coming week of he and his wife Pullips collection.

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