Project M: Open Her Eyes

Welcome to the first part of Project M. Cutebucket had recieved her orders and it is time for her to start working on Hatsune Miku! Here's a image of Hatsune Miku we envisioned to be.

So Cutebucket and I will take you on a journey to the making of Miku doll by Cutebucket herself! Now over to Cutebucket!

* The following are the work of Cutebucket *

The first thing I did was a "box opening" like I do for all my dolls. I basically unpacked everything, made sure Volks didn't forget to include something, and so on. Aside from the doll, I ordered three different colors of rooting hair, a rooting hair needle, shoes, and eyes. I also asked Volks to include their instructional comic for rooting hair.

After that, I prepared to open Miku's eyes. For this, I used a Tamiya Craft Knife, a pencil and thread.

I used the thread as a guidance for sketching eyes and eyebrows on Miku's face:

After I had a general sense of where her features would go, I went ahead and open the back of her head...

... so her head was in two parts

After that, I sketched out where her eyes would go on her face. I used my GSC Miku for reference

When I was happy with the position of her eyes, I started to cut them out carefully...


First one...

Then the other...

As you can see, the vinyl was still pretty thick around the eyeholes, so I had to cut at an angle with the knife to carve out the inside of the eye...

You can tell that this makes a huge difference to how the eye looks (right eye is carved, left is not)

After that, all that was left to do was to "finish" the eyes, making sure that they're both the same size and shape and minimizing the roughness of the edges.


Miku gets her head back...

So far I must say Cutebucket is doing a Splendid job! I am all excited about this the Miku doll!

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Tune in next week as Hatsune Miku gets hair do!


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