Project M: Face Make Up

Previously on Project M, Miku Hatsune doll had her eye opened. This round Cutebucket will do Miku make up on Mike doll.

The following is Cutebucket walk through of the process.

The first thing I always do is make sure I have all my supplies ready. To paint Miku's face, I used Basics acrylic paint in "Mars Black" and "Bright Aqua Green." I also used water color pencils (Faber-Castell brand), a regular pencil, and Mr. Super Clear (MSC) UV-Cut Flat as sealant. My GSC Miku served as a reference once again.

My weapon of choice for this kind of task is a tiny, high-quality flat brush:

Starting with the black, I began to paint the inside of Miku's eyes. I tend to begin from the inside and slowly work out, since it's a lot more difficult to remove paint than it is to add it.

After the eyes were done...

I added the little marks above her eyes...

And finally the eyebrows, switching to the green color so they would match her hair.

I added a little bit of color to her lips by using the colored pencils:

And then I sealed everything with Mr. Super Clear (MSC).

Everything was nice and good until the third layer of MSC, for some unknown reason, dried very bubbly and gross!! It looked like Miku had a severe case of acne ><;

Luckily, acetone (in this case, 100% acetone nail polish remover) will remove MSC

but it also takes off acrylic paint!

That left me little choice but to start the faceup all over!

Beginning with the inside of the eyes again

working to the outside


and eyebrows!

The second time around, I opted to use only one layer of MSC. I wasn't going to risk having another "acne" incident... poor Miku!! Looking back on it, though, I am kind of glad that I decided to re-do the faceup. I think the second version looks much cleaner and more like Miku!

Here's a preview with one eye!

I won't be putting in her eyes permanently until after I have rooted her hair.

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