Preview of Chinese Gundam Decal

Hello Gunpla fans! Today we gather news of the coming Chinese Decal that will be releasing in Asia! To date it is confirmed that these Chinese decal are water base and here are some of the exclusive photos.

The Chinese characters representing names of Gundam series. I think many find the character 斩 at the corner look familiar because of the Prefect Grade Red Frame Astray. ;)

Some of the small size wording are available but don't think it will fit well HG grade. MG size and above would be ideal.

These are NOT FOR SALE.

To top the preview, here's the official seal. :)

These Chinese decal will be arriving quite soon in Singapore and the rest of the Asia. ;)
Tune in more for more news on it. :D

Here's some of the photo of the decal being applied on to let you have some idea to customize your own Model suit.

Look good for you?

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