OTTi Beyond

Today OTTi got another make over by another artist, Chris who is a regular reader and a toy blogger of My First Bloggy Experience.

It's really a different look on OTTi like OTTi wearing an armor which I felt pretty cool. I asked Chris why design his version of OTTi in way and the following is his reply.

Well LEon, the robots and the futuristic stuff has always catch my attention... I’m wondering what the future will brings us... i love to create vehicles and mechas, and i did that for a long time, but now i don’t have time for that and/or I’m so lazy... when i saw the others OTTi creations, i began to ask myself: "and what if OTTi comes from a distant future? from another planet? what if he’s a humanoid with superpowers? and how do he looks in a cybernetic armor?"... And this is the result =D... since I'm not a professional illustrator, i did my best with the tools i have and i like what i got... this is my first try with digital color... that’s all =P

I have to say this is one cool masterpieces for the first try with digital color for Chris and thank you for taking the time to sent in your version of OTTi to me.

If you are interested in doing any art on OTTi and feature here, feel free to contact me. All credits will be given to you. :D


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