My Slam Dunk Trading Cards

There was a time that many pick up the basketball because of Michael Jordon but I pick up basketball because of SLAM DUNK comic.

I never think it was possible that anyone can draw such good sport related comic until I read the Japanese Manga Slam Dunk. I was one of the first batch of readers who pick up Slam Dunk comic without a clue on anything much about Basketball and after reading the Manga, I was motivated to play Basket ball and love it till today.

When I saw there are some trading card on Slam Dunk on sales in the early 1990s, I bought one just to check it out.

The stated price was 200 Yen and of course being when it reached to here, it is selling way above 200 Yen. LOL

These sets of trading card is along with the Anime showing in Japan TV and surprisingly it has English introduction for the Anime. Come to think of it, in the Anime during the break time, there are also English dialogue.

Each packet comes with 10 cards and one of them is Shinning!
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One is Metallic! Hello Hanamichi Sakuragi best known as 樱木花道 the lead of the Anime.

The remaining are normal looking ones with scene of the Anime and characters. As you can see even though there are Japanese Anime card, most comes with English wordings.

At the back of each card are the characters info in Japanese.

One of the card is a advertisement card with a checklist at the back but it is in Japanese.

That is all for the TV anime version. Since we are on the topic of Slam Dunk Trading card, here are some Bandai Slam Dunk trading card I collected from some card machine at the peak of the Slam Dunk fever.

The back of the card also gave some description of the characters

While the top left hand corner had some shinny texture and a cute depiction of the characters in the Anime.

Here are 3 reasons why I award Slam Dunk comic as the best comic in the early 90s.

1. Slam Dunk story and characters are unique. Unlike the Anime now, SLAM DUNK has No Moe, No big boobs female characters, No nudity, No sex, just pure sports and it still sell! Okay maybe just a little bit of high school violence in school fights.

2. In the Manga, the pace and the action of the sport of Basket ball are touching and realistically captured. As a reader, I enjoyed the pace and the story of each character and the jounery of the lead who started out knowing nothing about basketball and grow in his love and skill in basketball. You will feel the team spirit and how each characters grow together as a team.

3. Like some Manga, Slam Dunk actually ended without come back. The ending although not a prefect one like they win the champaign ship but it leave room for readers to believe one day these characters will be back again to achieve whatever they set out for in their youth. I personally like this kind of ending and if one day part 2 is going to release, I will support it too but somehow I like it this way. I never want slam Dunk to go down in history like the Star wars saga.

For those who have never read Slam Dunk or know nothing about basketball, pick up that Manga and I am sure you will love the sport and the comic in no time. As for those who read it, I am sure you are already a fan of the comic right?

PS: I got the whole series of Slam Dunk DVD recently. Time to relive the fever again. LOL



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