My The Real Ghostbusters Egon, Ray & Ecto-1

For the first time, it's my delight to reunite myself with these old toys of mine which I have given to my nephew and nieces over almost two decades ago. As they learned that I have a Toy blog, they brought me these toys so that I can blog about them. These toys were given to them from me as we had many good time playing with them together during their childhood. So here's Egon, Ray...

and Ecto-1 from the REAL Ghostbusters toy line.

Before we proceed, it is important to note that these toys were heavy played with and to be in the condition as they were today are consider a miracle for me. Both Egon and Ray both still have their proton packs in tact today.

Egon, one of the character that I was refer by my nephew and nieces to as I was taller and wearing a glasses like him. You may notice the face paint is fading and some purplish coloring on his shirt. That maybe cause by the number of time we play with the slime ectoplasm we used to have.

Over outlook of Egon condition was not that ideal as he had some paint fade on part of his face and arms and the Ghostbusters logo on his arm is not that visible too. However, nothing was broken even his proton pack is working.

The proton pack still can fit firmly on Egon after all these time. You can still see the details of the Proton pack.

Ray's condition was not so good as Egon. His face suffer more paint exposing the raw plastic color.

The Ghostbuster logo was also faded and part of the proton pack handle clip was broken. Thankfully all the parts still fit together and the joints are not loose.

Now it's time for my beloved Ecto-1!

I remember this was a gift from a older friend. We got this at ToyRus and it cost about $20 SGD back in the late 1980s. Now $20 bucks back then was a big deal to me as I am still a student with very limited pocket money. I remember I have to stick the stickers myself on Ecto1 but it was a breeze.

Today the logo still around.

Unfortunately wear and tear are unavoidable unless one do not play with their toys but since they do and love it, some broken parts are expected to be broken. Ecto-1 today had some broken and missing part. The left door wear and the left back red "wing" were missing.

Other than that, most of the feature of Ecto-1 are still very much intact. The top seat is attachable and look great on Ecto-1.

If I remember correctly, there are one missing torrent on one side and a plastic strap. However that does not stop the figure to sit comfortably.

The Dashboard is very much exposed with the side door gone... :(

The secret feature of Ecto-1 was the claw hidden back of Ecto-1 to catch some ghost.

The claw mechanism is activated at the bottom of the exhaust pipe by switching it. You can see at the bottom of Ecto-1. However I didn't dare to try it as it is quite tight and this is a old toy so I want to keep it as it is.

So how old is this toy you may ask? See for yourself.

Were you born yet in 1984? :P And yes these toy were made in Mexico and not Hongkong nor China... Note, that this toys still last till today!

Among all the features of Ecto1, here's what I really enjoyed most of the toy.

Yes! To put the proton pack at the back so that the rest of the character can seat inside and go places!

So that wrap up the review of these vintage given away toys of mine. Although they are not in perfect condition, I never once regret parting these toys to my nephew and nieces. I am glad it had become part of their childhood and it is something we have in common to share and talk about even as we are in adulthood. So what will happen to the toy now?

It's time for me to return back to my nephew and nieces as they have more fond memories with them than me. It's kind of a bitter sweet feeling but I am happy they were still around today.

To my Nephew and Nieces, thanks for asking me to document these memories down. Love you guys!


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