Macross SDF-1, Zentradi Uniform & HDP Regult

I think some of my blogger friends especially Dennis will be interested in these. Yamato had showcased on the 49th Shizuoka Hobby Show some products that are to be on sale this year!

First off, the 1/60 HDP Regult. I remember them well in the old Macross. Apparently this is a Yamato Online Shop limited Edition. No actual sales date yet but it is expected to be on sale for 39,900 Yen

This is one collection that most Macross fan would like to have. VF-1 in the Zentradi Uniform disguise!

Last but not least, something Macross SDF-1 in both 1/2000 and 1/3000 scale!

Note that 1/2000 is open for pre-order on 17th May for 210,000Yen. While the 1/3000 had yet to announce any news on the price or the release date. Both Macross SDF-1 are fully transformable!

Rejoice Hardcore Macross fan.


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